Top 10 tips for being Positive Thinker

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Top 10 tips for being Positive Thinker

Top 10 tips for being Positive Thinker

How to be a positive thinker:

In our day to day life we will surround with lots of negativity in various forms such as job, career, studies, family and others. Negative Thinking makes a human depressed. Being courageous and self confident makes you happier.

A person can achieve happiness only when he/she could face all the obstacles and stay strong. To face every problem in your everyday life, you need to be self-confident, self-motivational and positive thinker.

There are many cases across the world who committed suicide, depressed, lost lives because of negative energy in them. If a person wants to be happy and successful in his/her life then positive thinking is must.

Negativity or thinking in all the negative ways is not a symptom of some deadly disease or something else. It is faced by every individual in one or the other phase of their lives.

Being positive is neither a big task nor need some extra effort to succeed. Just you need to change the way our mind thinks of a particular thing or situation.

Let us discuss how to get rid of negativity. I came up with few tips to make you happy by being a positive thinker.


  • Be happy all the time. Don’t let sadness to spoil your day. Problems are common in every one’s life. It depends upon how a person handles their problems.
  • Start your day with a smile. When you smile brain activates neural messages which make you a positive minded person.
  • Always make your mind to think good in every situation and think about positive and happy ending solution for every problem this helps you to lead a happy life.


  • Forgive people who hurt you. Holding grudges doesn’t help you in any way.
  • Understand your inner feelings and the value of your life. Don’t waste time holding grudges on others.
  • People are meant to degrade your confidence and make you feel low. Don’t allow their words to control your life. Always try to forget the negative energy they spread on you and convert it into positive.

Understand and Identify:

  • Understand the benefits of positive thinker and identify your negatives and change them in to positive thoughts and work on it.
  • Understand your capabilities, you can do whatever you wish to do, don’t let your dreams to flow without a try.
  • No one can control your life until and unless you allow doing so. Hence, identify and understand the value and main prospect of your life and work on it.

Reduce Over Thinking:

  • Over thinking leads to unnecessary stress which leads to be unhappy and moody all the time.
  • Think for a solution rather than thinking about the problem and causes, think for better changes for the problem.

  • Don’t give much importance to those who can’t be happy in your happiness, ignore them and answer their taunts by being happier and cheerful every day.

Positive People:

  • Your thinking also depends upon what kind of people is present in your life. Make sure to be in good company.
  • If you are surrounded with a bad or negative person who always stops you or degrades from reaching your goals then leave them behind and move forward in your life to achieve success.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. Discuss with them and take their advice. Start following motivators irrespective of religion.


  • Be thankful to all who helped you in every aspect. This helps to improve positive thoughts and you will be filled with kindness, next time whenever you need help there will be many hands waiting t help you.
  • Your positive thinking will lead to your character building and can get many followers in your life.

Talk to yourself:

  • Talk to yourself about the strengths and weakness of you. This helps you to get a keen idea about your worries and also finds a solution for problems.

  • Talking to yourself doesn’t meant to talk aloud, it means to give time to yourself so that you can listen to your inner feelings, can find out goals, dreams and can find a way to achieve them.
  • Daily one need to spend and time alone and think about the do’s and don’ts done on that day and try to rectify the mistakes.


  • You may be affected with negativity because of bad companion. This doesn’t mean that you are not a good person by heart. It happens with everyone. Make sure to understand the mistakes and rectify them.
  • Try to give time to think positively and slowly develop this quality in your life. Time heals everything, hence, every problem has a solution just you need to find the way to solve it. Take time, think and solve. Don’t be depressed.

Physically Positive:

  • Being physically fit also helps to stay positive all the day.
  • Start your day with some exercise and meditation. This helps you to keep your brain fresh and relaxed.
  • This leads to think in positive manner and react according to the situation without any wrong step.


  • Set some goals for your life. It may be either your career or dream or something which you want to achieve in your life time.

  • Think positively about it. In the process of achieving of goals we need to cross through many hurdles, but never take U-turn, with all the courage and positive thoughts move forward and reach your goals.


Positive thinking can be achieved with everyday practice. Don’t let negative energy to surround you. Being positive helps you to build unique character and shows the path to achieve goals. Be Positive!! Think Positive!!

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