Art of Reading, How to read in Public?

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Art of Reading, How to read in Public?

Art of Reading, How to read in Public?

Do you know Reading is also an Art? Actually it’s something which everyone cannot do. Reading in public needs lot of strength. More than that one should have knowledge of reading in different variations for different topics.

Imagine if a Reader reads a comic in a very serious tone, and fiction in very comedy style.

For every book, topic, article there is a way to read which helps the listener to grasp the content easily. All these can’t be read in the same manner. The way we read a novel or story is different from reading news or subject.

Reading is a way of connection between reader and listener. It helps to understand a topic and memorize it in a simple and easy way. Reading helps every human irrespective of age and gender.

  • If you are novel reader, reading helps you to read it more interestingly and shows the image of the scene in your mind.
  • If you are a student, reading helps you to improve your English, give you more knowledge on vocabulary and enhance your reading skills.
  • If you are a working person, reading helps to enlarge your knowledge and improve your skills and also helps you in meetings.

How to improve your Reading skills:

  • Timetable: Make your own timetable for reading every day. Take out time from your daily works and give more preference to reading.
  • Practice: Practice every day. Take novel or some material which you want to read. Make it entertaining for yourself. If you found new words then Search for their meaning.
  • Questions: Question yourself about what are you reading? Is this helpful for you? Are you making any difference in day by day f your practice? This helps to point on the week points and can be improved.

  • List: Make a list of your week points while reading in public such as confidence, phrases, uttering of words. Try to focus on your week points and make them as your strong points.


  • A person can be a good reader only if he/she presents their reading skills in front of the people with confidence.
  • A reader always should make their audience attracted to themselves by their reading. They should create interest and excitement among the people.
  • Always make a note of reading before you deliver it.
  • Make a summary of the notes and remember important dates and points which should be read compulsory.
  • Practice before you actually start reading in public.
  • Be prepared to accept the reply of your audience. It may come out in very pleasant


    and happy way or it may turn out into annoying way. Make sure not to loose hope in any circumstances.

Do’s while Reading:

  • Reading confidently and slowly.
  • Make sure it is audible and understandable to the audience.
  • Make sure to engage audience with you.
  • Make a summary of material and list the important points which should not be missed.
  • Make sure to use variations of tones when needed.
  • If you feel nervous or stressed take few seconds time, relax yourself, take a deep breath, make yourself comfortable and start reading slowly.

Don’ts while reading:

  • Never deliver your reading in public without practice. At least ones revise the material.
  • Don’t utter words while reading. There should be a flow.
  • Don’t give long gaps. Short gaps are need to distinguish between sentences and paragraphs.
  • Don’t be too loud while reading.
  • Don’t be nervous or stressed while reading.
  • Reading famous quotations in different tone. Use I Quote when your start a quotation and I UnQuote

    when you end a Quotation. This helps the listeners to understand that this quotation is important and helpful.


  • You might heard this proverb “Practice makes man Perfect”, so don’t forget to practice.
  • It helps you to improve in all aspects and gives you more confidence. Make sure to not repeat your mistakes.
  • Read different materials like novels, newspapers, fiction stories motivational stories and many more. This helps you to know the difference in reading them.

Happy Reading!! All the best!!

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