Art of Painting the body, and coloring the nails, hair – (dasana-vasananga-raga)

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Art of Painting the body, and coloring the nails, hair – (dasana-vasananga-raga)

Body Painting :
Since the beginning of time, humans have always had the desire to create art. Through this desire body painting was born, making the human body the first canvass. The history of this craft stretches so far back that historians consider it to be the earliest form of art. It lasts only for a few hours at most. Here are some awesome pictures of body painting.body-painting-art-03

Indigenous body painting :
Body painting with clay and other natural pigments existed in most, if not all, tribalist cultures. Often worn during ceremonies, it still survives in this ancient form among the indigenous people of Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific islands and parts of Africa. A semi-permanent form of body painting known as Mehndi, using dyes made of henna (hence also known rather erroneously as “henna tattoo”), was and is still practiced in India and the Middle East, especially on brides. Since the late 1990s, Mehandi has become popular amongst young women in the Western world.body-painting-art-02

Many indigenous peoples of Central and South America paint Jagua Tattoos, or designs with Genipa americana juice on their bodies. Indigenous peoples of South America traditionally use annatto, huito, or wet charcoal to decorate their faces and bodies. Huito is semi-permanent, and it generally takes weeks for this black dye to fade.

There has been a revival of body painting in Western society since the 1960s, in part prompted by the liberalization of social mores regarding nudity and often comes in sensationalist or exhibitionist forms.[2] Even today there is a constant debate about the legitimacy of body painting as an art form.

Nail Art :

Nail Art is driving generations to generations. Starting from the late 3000 BC until now, year 2009. It’s interesting and fun to know how nail art designing came to the present. From simple nail coloring to creative and wild imagination comes to a result of very fascinating form of art.nail-painting-01

Nail Art from early age is a form of knowing the social status and position in life. Before, nail art and manicure is only done only by royalties and high-class people. Painting nails with red signifies of being a king or queen and other people are not allowed to paint it with the same color that their king and queen has. During the 3000 BC, there is a huge discrimination between rich and poor.

They can classify it according to the color of the nails. Men and women are separated and grouped according to their nails. But now, it is not like that. Nowadays, people mostly women paint their nails to look beautiful and attractive. Women became so conscious on how to be attractive to men. Men on the other side, do manicures to keep their nails clean and free from bacterias. But that doesn’t mean that they are gays!

Here is a time line of how Nail Art has been evolved through generations:

3000 BC – China made the first nail polish. India made the first art guided by their henna and putting dyes on their nails and body. Japanese and Italians are the first who used nail polishes to paint their nails.

1932 – French Revlon company was founded. First who used pigments instead of dyes. First to offer women rich-looking, opaque nail enamel in different shades that’s never been available before.nail-painting-04

2009 – Nowadays, more and more women are getting interested in having their nails designed, whether to have artificial nails or just having it done to their natural nails, they still crave for it. Nail art is getting more and more popular than before, because of science and technology, nail art can be done in different forms of art and can be done in a very quick way.

Nail Polish :

Nail polish is a lacquer that can be applied to the human fingernails or toenails to decorate and protect the nail plate. The formulation has been revised repeatedly to enhance its decorative effects and to suppress cracking or flaking. Nail polish consists of an organic polymer with various additives.

Nail Polish in Fashion :
Traditionally, nail polish started in clear, red, pink, purple, and black. Since that time, many new colors and techniques have developed, resulting in nail polish that can be found in an extremely diverse variety of colors. Beyond solid colors, nail polish has also developed an array of other designs, such as crackled, speckled, iridescent, and holographic; rhinestones or stickers are also often applied. Some types of polish are advertised to cause nail growth, make nails stronger, prevent nails from breaking, cracking and splitting, and to stop nail biting. Nail polish may be applied as one of several components in a manicure.nail-painting-02

Hair Coloring :
Hair coloring is the practice of changing the color of hair. The main reasons for this practice are cosmetic (e.g., to cover gray hair, to change to a color regarded as more fashionable or desirable, or to restore the original hair color after it has been discolored by hairdressing processes or sun bleaching). Hair dyeing, which is an ancient art, involves treatment of the hair with various chemical compounds. Today, hair coloring is immensely popular, with over 75 percent of American women dyeing their hair, and globally hair colorants are a rapidly growing over-$7 billion industry.

Today, hair styling possiblilites are unlimited. We love to rock a creative fresh style. It’s an unspoken expression to character. We’ve seen a spectrum of colors, cuts and fads. A great coloring job can add shine, highlights and fun to your hair. You may opt for a cut with layers to bring sassy sex appeal or an edgy

There are no gender limitations, men has shown this by swagging it out also. They may sport a crisp and clean, wild and untamed, or a simple style. Here we showcase a few funky creative colorful pics with some artistic twists.

Types of hair coloring :
The four most common classifications are permanent, demi-permanent (sometimes called deposit only), semi-permanent, and temporary.

Hair Shadowing is the temporary method of coloring your hair using powder or cream eye shadows. To temporarily color your hair you can use hair chalk, powder eyeshadow and blushes, cream eye shadows and blushes, alex hair chalk pens, chubby lipsticks and lipstick. It is best to set every one of these methods with a blow dryer and remember creams will always last longer than

Adverse effects of hair coloring :
Hair coloring involves the use of chemicals capable of removing, replacing and/or covering up pigments naturally found inside the hair shaft. Use of these chemicals can result in a range of adverse effects, including temporary skin irritation and allergy, hair breakage, skin discoloration and unexpected hair color results.

Plant-based dyes :
Henna is an orange dye commonly used as a deposit-only hair color whose active component, lawsone, binds to keratin. It is therefore considered semi-permanent to permanent, depending on a person’s hair type. Most people will achieve a permanent color from henna, especially after the second dye. With repeated use the orange color builds up into red and then auburn. While “natural” henna is generally a red color, variations exist. These variations usually contain ingredients from other plants and even synthetic

EU Hair Dyes Directive :
Hair dyes are cosmetics in contact with the skin, containing chemical products which can be dangerous for health. This is why these products are highly regulated, and some substances which have been scientifically proven hazardous, in general or from a certain concentration or quantity are being officially and legally forbidden or restricted.

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