7 must see travel destinations

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7 must see travel destinations


Many don’t consider Travelling as an art but with right time and right focus one can enjoy the art of travelling as they do other things like painting, reading and so on. For those who love taking long rides with their friends or any type of travelling will also love taking a cruise along the world. Mostly given the opportunity who wouldn’t love travelling seeing world wide enjoying sight seeing and collecting souvenirs for your beloved ones and all.So if you have the luxury of travelling then there are some romantic cities out there in the world you must and should see.


7 Romantic Cities:


The city of Love and Fragrance that makes you fall in love with it at the first intake of your breath in it. Love literally blossoms in the air of Paris with its breathtaking sights everywhere. Dining with candle lights overlooking Eiffel Tower, romantic picnics in parks, strolling around Champs Elysees and what not. The sights of this city is like the one you will never find in another.

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Such a lovely city situated in north eastern Italy with its breath taking architectures, artworks  monumental squares. It is sited on a group of small 118 islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. It is a place that will make you fall in love all over again.

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With its lushful mountains and breathtaking hills and with its country serenity it is be the most peaceful place you can ever be. The surrounding islands along with the Great Britain all comprises the most beautiful places to travel.

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These particulars islands located in US are definitely worth seeing with all its tropical beaches, tropical jungles, luxurious suites, surfing, and an abundance of wildlife. Hawaii is truly paradise. It’s one of the biggest honeymoon destinations in the world.


Prague the world’s one of the great romantic wonders, with its  immaculately-preserved old town filled with fairy tale architecture. Located in Czech Republic through a sea of spires and cobblestones this a lovers’ paradise.

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This German city and capital of Austria is made for romantic walks, with monumental avenues circling around pedestrian streets. Mozart’s Classic sound, horse-drawn carriages and city’s museums and palaces and other many beautiful offerings in it’s wake it is one of the most romantic cities of the world.

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Buenos Aires:

A mixture if European elegance and Latin American seduction oozes passion with its monumental architecture, tree lined boulevards and al fresco dining it creates unexpected feelings.


Travel to these places and you will definitely fall in love with each of them.




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