7 Facts about Rajasthani Painting

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7 Facts about Rajasthani Painting


Painting is a world wide art that is neither ancient nor modern but evolved with the times and stood firmly in its position of arts. This world has seen many artists and their paintings with such a vivid creativity in art and pursuing the then themes of their likes and dislikes showcasing the mood of the artist as well as times. Though paintings are world wide style here are some facts about the great Rajasthani Paintings which are famous all over the world for their austerity and beauty.

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Facts about Rajasthani Paintings:

  • The Rajasthani Paintings otherwise known as Rajput Paintings originated mostly in the states of Rajasthan around 16-17th century. Hence the name itself Rajasthani Paintings.
  • Since Mughals ruled all the states of Rajasthan most of the Rajput schools reflect strong Mughal influence as rajputs are known for their audacity to do things in their way.
  • Each of the Rajput kingdoms have a distinctive style but still there are similarities and some common features in all the paintings of different territories at the same time showcasing their unique feature in each painting.

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  • The dominance of Chaurapanchasika group style can also be observed in Indian Rajasthani Paintings.
  • The Rajasthani Paintings of India chose the Great epics of Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the life of Lord Krishna, landscapes and humans as the main themes.
  • Rajput paintings  were also done on the walls of palaces, inner chambers of the forts, havelis, etc. Colors used for these painting were derived from minerals, plant sources, conch shells, precious stones, gold and silver, etc.
  • An Ancient art that developed around 6th century is known as Maru Gujara as the combination of arts from the then Rajasthan- Marudesha and the then Gujarat-Gujaratra.

There are special schools of rajput training which includes

  • Bikaner School
  • Bundi-Kota Kalam School
  • Jaipur School
  • Kishengarh School
  • Marwar School
  • Mewar School
  • Raagamala School

Each school has its own distinctive nature and uniqueness while offering some similarities between them.





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