5 Healthy 15 min Fruit Desserts

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5 Healthy 15 min Fruit Desserts


Who wouldn’t love to eat desserts? Especially when you have sweet tooth it’s must that you want to satisfy that. But sometimes you don’t have time to spend on preparing them and indulge your sweet tooth. You only indulge when you go out. But there are some easy ways to prepare desserts of your yearning. Here are some easy recipes for fruit desserts that you can prepare more or less than in fifteen minutes.




5 Desserts you will love:

1. Strawberry with Chocolate:

Seeing fresh strawberries will make you lick your lips and imagine eating them with melted chocolate I bet your mouth will definitely water at the thought of that. So prepare it yourself by taking some fresh strawberries of quantity whatever you desire. Take a bowl of chocolate and using microwave melt the chocolate in 20 seconds intervals for 1 minute. Stir after melting continue this until all the chocolate is melted. Now dip the strawberries in the melted chocolate and taste yourself how wonderful it will be.

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2. Tropical Fruits with Pistachios:

There is a plenty of availability of tropical fruits like mango, papaya, pineapple. Select any of them and make slices of chosen fruit. If you have the availability of coconut milk drizzle the slices with coconut milk and sprinkle pistachios on top of it. Place this combination on a service platter and there you go with another easy fruit dessert.

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3. Banana & Frozen Yogurt:

Many prefer to yogurt as their breakfast. However you can also make a dessert with it. Take vanilla essences yogurt and for your pleasure you can also add gingersnaps, dry fruits and so on. Take two or three bananas depending on the quantity you need and chop them into slices. Now layer all the ingredients in equal portions in a glass bowl and freeze it until yogurt is firm say 10 minutes and after that you can serve it with ease.

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4. Melon with honeyed Yogurt:

Take melon need not be water melon but different types of melons and chop them into slices. Take yogurt(Greek) into a bowl and sprinkle various dry fruit pieces in it and drizzle honey into the bowl. Now place the slices of melon on a platter and pour this honeyed yogurt on them and serve it. You can see yourself how tasty it is.

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 5. Mixed Berries& food cake:

Take a bowl of frozen mixed berries like strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and so on. Add sugar to it along with cornstarch and microwave until all of them are well combined IE., until you get a thickened and steaming puddle of all that. Now serve this along food cake by spreading above puddle over it, you can sprinkle dry fruits.

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All these are easily prepared and healthy too. You can serve it to kids in the evening like a snack or you can enjoy these desserts with your family over dinner. Since all these are fruit desserts you need not worry about calories and all.




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