5 Genres of Painting

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5 Genres of Painting


Painting is one of the 64 arts that conveys what one can’t say in words. The history of painting and its promoting was mostly done by European Academies of fine art but it evolved as such a fine art that it created many ripples in the history of world. Many don’t know the different genres of painting and end up confused. Here are those genres to clear up your confusion.




5 Genres:

History painting:

Though the name suggests it’s about history it’s not limited to history also familiar and important figures of history. It mostly carries messages or some moralistic content with it. The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci is one of the excellent historical paintings.

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As the name indicates it deals with pictures of people, deities or mythological figures or sometimes self pictures too. This includes group portraits as well as individual compositions. The well known Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci can be said as a wonderful portrait.

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Genre Painting: 

This genre itself called as Genre Painting mainly deals with everyday life scenes. It can be like domestic settings, interiors, taverns, market scenes and so on that we find in every day life.  Whatever the precise content, the scene is to be portrayed in a non-idealized way, and the characters should not be endowed with any heroic or dramatic attributes.

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Landscape Genre:

The main subject pertains to scenic view, such as fields, hillscapes, mountain-scapes, trees, riverscapes, forests, sea views and seascapes in this genre. Though humans are included sometimes in painting they only remain secondary element. Impression Sunrise by Claude Monet can be said a marvelous Landscape.

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Still Life Painting:

It typically comprises of objects such as flowers or any group of mundane objects and they were devoid of any human representation. Van Gogh’s  Sunflowers is one of the best still life paintings.

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