5 Books you ought to Read

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5 Books you ought to Read


Reading is one of the 64 arts and for many its more than art but passion. Reading pertains to not only books but also journals, magazines, eBooks so on. Some may read a book in a single day and some may take much time to read. Whatever you read, if reading is your passion then there are 5 books you must read. If you didn’t read them then you are missing it all together. Take a look if you have read them, if so you can cross them off from your list. If you didn’t add them to your check list.



5 Books you may like:

Pride and Prejudice:

This may sound old but this Jane Austen book is a must read book in your list. It portrays the then circumstances, liberty of the women living in those times, their struggle. She excellently portrays both the protagonists characters. Hero’s Pride and Heroine’s Prejudice and how they get united despite of them both is essential part. You will definitely love this historical romance.

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The Note Book:

This wonderful book written by Nicholas Sparks is a simple portrayal of a beautiful love story set in times of old historian era and it will immediately carry into that romantic notion. Some may call it a chick book or a slow narration but once you read this you will understand why many love this. You will also love other books by Nicholas Sparks like A Walk to Remember and so on.

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The Alchemist:

Such a wonderful book by Paulo Coelho which deals with setting goals, achieving them no matter the hardships in between and finally succeeding in making your dreams come true. For the first time readers it may sound complex but at the end it will be worth it.

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Wuthering Heights:

This heart breaking classic written by Emily Bronte is another must read book in Classics. Though the pace of book is slow it will leave your mind feeling sorrow and at the same time having the satisfaction of reading a good book.

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The Fault with our Stars:

This is also another wonderful book written by John Green where you find yourself intrigued with the plot may be sympathetic to your characters but at the end you will consider your time a well invested one by reading this book. This book may not precede other books like To Kill a Mocking Bird, books by Charles Dickens and so all but its worth reading.












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A good book should bring both our emotional side and our happy side. It should melt our hearts at the same time should make us feel soaring up high in the air like a bird. If a book doesn’t bring those emotions within you may be you should change your preferences but however there are many more books worth reading and worth your time because reading gives such an immense pleasure if you really love to read.






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